About us..

No other Mornington Peninsula based agency can boast the same client portfolio, in-house skill set and network of business contacts, media and bloggers that Chain Social Agency has.

We were born digitally savvy and are intuitively forward thinkers with our fingers on the pulse. Nevertheless we exceed expectations every time, on time and burn the midnight oil so you don’t have to.

Currently servicing over 60 + unique businesses across a broad spectrum of industries, Chain Social Agency is fully equipped to deliver tailored, effective and efficiently outsourced marketing strategies for your business. Whether it’s as simple as running your social media platforms, or as diverse as delivering a full-scope approach we have your business covered.

When you visit our two-storey 400sqM HQ in the beachside Mornington you’ll then understand the energy, buzz and kick-ass work ethic that has made Chain Social Agency the go to agency on the Mornington Peninsula. .


Our Squad

We are not a ‘business’ or a ‘job’, it is a lifestyle that embodies digital freedom, flexibility, supports education and instils envy worthy confidence, because hey WE lead the pack.

No corporate banta here, our team is equally passionate, driven, outspoken and impactful in approach and appearance.

We focus on encouraging strong, independent, outspoken and most importantly honest digital marketers that deliver.




Businesses come to Chain Social because we stand tall against our competitors. In brand, in voice and in distinct offering. We are the premium digital agency and the-go-to in South East Melbourne.

We’re filled to the brim with personality, but refined personality. None of this rainbows and cactus bullsh*t, more UBER cool art gallery meets forward focused digital agency.

We do things very differently with a zero tolerance on mediocre work, no faux par on immeasurable metrics.


Mornington HQ

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